Favourite Photographs. Flo Peters Gallery, Hamburg.

Group Exhibition with Werner Bischof, Robert Lebeck, Steve McCurry, Edward Quinn, Jürgen Schadeberg, Max Scheler et al.



People, Landscapes and a Dog. Flo Peters Gallery, Hamburg. Solo Exhibition  





People, Landscapes and a Dog


72 pages

22 x 33 cm


Duplex Print


39,80 Euro









The Photographer


My passion is the black and white photography. As I am convinced that a picture isn't ready before it isn't printed I used to develop all photos myself. Changing from analog to digital, I started using Leica M viewfinder cameras since they are renowned for the excellence of their lenses. The waiver of autofocus and technical gadgets help me to focus on the scene or the person I want to capture. 

After working as a press photographer for 15 years, publishing in newspapers, magazines and books, I am a Senior Manager in marketing, corporate communications and advertising based in Hamburg.